About Us

About Us

MAADIMA ENERGY (PTY) LIMITED are recognized as experts in fuel management for construction sites. With strong supply relationships with three major oil refiners and the top oil trading companies, Maadima can ensure robust supply solutions to the largest consumers for fuel products such as Diesel, and petrol.

We value curiosity and adaptability, and we apply these qualities together to help our clients achieve more as our world evolves.

At Maadima; we believe in pioneering effective solutions, offering expert service delivery and bottom line financial savings.

Let our expert team assist you with your plant and site fuel requirements.

Delivery Capability

Our distribution network enables deliveries of varying load sizes from 500 litres to 36,000 litres to be made to suit the customer requirements, on time, every time, 7 days per week.

Managed Solutions

Using in tank telemetry or by pre-arranged tank top ups, a management service can be provided to ensure that all tank inventory levels are maintained to agreed levels. Coupled with fuel quality testing and tank inspections, we offer a comprehensive support structure. This can even include replacement tanks, fuel dispensing equipment and fleet management facilities.

Customer Service

Despite its size, Maadima has maintained the ability to stay close to its customers, offering a level of personal service that our customers can benefit from. Whatever the requirement, we probably have the solution.

Quick Turnaround

Experienced fleet management and ample supply ensures quick turnaround times. Maadima Energy has its own fleet that is utilized to deliver the products. This increases flexibility of supply and reliability.

Quality Assurance

Stringent controls in product handling means only the best quality product enters our distribution channels.


To be the best choice for convenience energy in the commercial market.


Enable business continuity for clients.


Customer Centric


Maadima collaboration strategy focuses exclusively on driving business through our network of partners. These partnerships include world-renowned oil companies like Shell and Sasol. These sound, strategic supply partnerships enable the Group to offer customers comprehensive products and solutions that help them do great work in an effective, driven environment.