About Maadima Energy

MAADIMA ENERGY (PTY) LIMITED are recognized as experts in fuel management for construction sites. With strong supply relationships with three major oil refiners and the top oil trading companies, Maadima can ensure robust supply solutions to the largest consumers for fuel products such as Diesel, and petrol.

We value curiosity and adaptability, and we apply these qualities together to help our clients achieve more as our world evolves.


Maadima collaboration strategy focuses exclusively on driving business through our network of partners. These partnerships include world-renowned oil companies like Shell and Sasol. These sound, strategic supply partnerships enable the Group to offer customers comprehensive products and solutions that help them do great work in an effective, driven environment.


Managed Solutions

At Maadima Energy we appreciate that in the construction industry you are constantly striving to meet deadlines and lower operating costs.

Un-Managed Solutions

At Maadima Energy, we have a fleet of quality energy systems with qualified technician for the construction, event and other related market.